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Our maple syrup is produced here on our farm. It keeps us busy during the winter months when the other farm work is a lot less demanding. We have approximately 500 taps at this point. The maple season is generally sometime between the beginning of February to the end of March depending on the weather. A good run of sap depends on freezing temperatures at night and slightly warmer sunny weather during the day.

Maple syrup is a great product mainly because it is a very natural sweetener. There is nothing added to the sap. It is simply boiled down to produce the syrup we are familiar with. You can use it to replace sweetener in many things including baking, cooking, yogurt, smoothies, etc. It is best known as a topping for pancakes, waffles, ice cream and other desserts. It is a good choice because in its non-refined state it retains the nutritional value of the sap it is produced from while still having a lower calorie level than most syrup sweeteners.

So add some maple syrup to your diet to reduce your refined sugar intake and best of all to enjoy some delicious maple syrup flavor that cannot be copied or replaced by anything else! Enjoy!

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